Community hurting after the bodies of mother and son found outside their home

Mystery surrounds the double death of a mother and son.

A door to door meat salesman working on St Paul Church Road made the tragic discovery Friday afternoon.

He found the body of a 95 year old woman in the back of her home. He called police who soon after found her 63 year old sons' body just feet away.

Investigators don't know the cause of death at this time.

Although police are not releasing the name of the mother and son until they can contact next of kin, employees at a Salisbury Cracker Barrel tell WBTV once they saw the story they immediately knew the pair was two of their most loyal customers.

"They had come in everyday sometimes twice a day," said Jolene Houchins. "There had been occasions where it was breakfast lunch and dinner."

After waiting on the pair the last four years, the two became very special to Jolene and the staff at Cracker Barrel.

"We would drive by their home and make sure they got home safely," said Jolene.

Now those close to the mother and son want to know what led to their death. Jolene says in recent months the mother and son's health was declining.

"We all felt she had some sort of Alzheimer's and he was getting older as well."

The staff at Cracker Barrel would like to set up a vigil for mother and son but they believe the two didn't have any other family.

"From what we have been told, his stories, there isn't any family," said Jolene.

Right now detectives are waiting on autopsy results to reveal how the mother and son died.