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Scent of shoplifting turns to the stench of armed robbery as man carries off $1000 worth of Chanel from ULTA

Police say his actions were bold, even defiant.  They are trying to find the man who went into the Salisbury ULTA store twice this week, and walked out carrying bags full of expensive Chanel products.

Police say on Tuesday night a man and four women walked into the store, located just off Jake Alexander Boulevard.  They say the women distracted a clerk while the man filled a shopping bag with Chanel products.  When they left the store the automatic shoplifting alarm sounded. 

Police say the man turned back to the clerk, flipped her off, and walked out.

The man left in what is described as an "older model box type Jeep," the women left in a burgundy sports car.

On Thursday the man was back again, this time wearing a dark hoodie and a white hat.  The man again walked to the Chanel counter and started filling a shopping bag with perfume, body lotion, bath gel, and body spray.

One of the clerks recognized the man from the Tuesday incident and confronted him, saying "oh no you're not."  The man replied "I've got a gun, back off."

The man filled the bag and walked out of the store.  Workers say he ran towards Michael's.

Police responded and used a K-9 to run a track,  the dog followed a path behind the shopping center, but lost the scent in the woods behind the Los Arcos restaurant.

The man was caught on security cameras wearing a dark hoodie and a white hat.  Anyone with information is urged to contact Salisbury-Rowan Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

Police believe that the items could show up for sale, possibly at a flea market or roadside stand.

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