Think Fast: What to do if you're robbed at an ATM

What would you do if you were robbed at an ATM?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Every day, people find themselves in situations they never expect to be in. In our special series, 'Think Fast,' we let you experience these dangerous scenarios before they actually happen, to make sure you know what to do when your life is on the line.

What would you do if you were held up at gunpoint at an ATM?

CMPD Officer Craig Allen said that decision is a personal one. "You got two choices, you can fight or flight," Allen told WBTV.

Allen did recommend that, in the split second you have to think, remember to value your life more than your money.

"What we say is just give them what they are asking for. End the encounter as quick as possible, without being harmed and just be a good witness. Get a good description at that point," Allen said.

Next to surveillance, police said a suspect description is the best tool they have to track down a robber.

Investigators said no detail is too small.

This might surprise you, but a suspect's shoes can end up being the smoking gun in an investigation.

Officers said most thieves will ditch their hats, gloves and extra clothing they may have been wearing during the hold up.

But police said robbers typically don't ditch their shoes.

"You can wear multiple layers of shorts and shirts. You can only wear one pair of shoes," Allen said.

Again, police stress getting away with your life is the most important thing. End the encounter as quickly as possible.

Once the robber takes off, run to a secure place and call 911.

It might sound like obvious advice, but rehearsing this in your head will prepare you for this situation and it might just save your life.

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