Reality TV changing the face of antiquing and collecting?

Reality TV changing the face of antiquing and collecting?
"Clyde" setting up his popular booth
"Clyde" setting up his popular booth

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - It's North Carolina's longest running antiques show.  For 61 years folks have been coming to Salisbury to browse and buy. Cora Hosse is from Charlotte, she and her husband set up here each year.

"Meeting people, it's a lot of fun, and the adventure of finding good antiques and people purchasing and talking to them," Hosse told WBTV. "It's just fun to do."

The show has always been popular, but something has changed.  Reality TV.  American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Antiques Roadshow have had an impact.

"I think it's brought more interest to antiques and younger people now are more interested than they were before," Hosse added.

But in some ways it's harder for dealers because of the awareness of potential riches hiding at every garage sale.

"It was a lot easier to find the diamond in the rough years ago than it is now," Davis Cooke told WBTV.  "And as people become more educated because of shows like that, it's not as easy to go to a yard sale and find something that's worth hundreds of times its value."

Cooke runs the Old Sarum Gallery.  It specializes in the restoration of 19th and 20th century paintings.  He says it is still possible strike gold, even with more people now in the hunt.

"Occasionally it does happen, and that one time will keep you going back for years," Cooke added.

An old cast iron truck, even if it looks a little rough, is worth about $100.  A set of leather bound books, about $300, and this vintage stroller, or pram, is worth about $400.

Dealers say anything that brings more attention and education to treasure hunters is probably a good thing, and that seems to be the newest trend in this old hobby.

Hours are Friday until 8:00 pm, and Saturday 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Tickets are $6 at the door, $5 in advance.

The Civic Center is located at 315 S. Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd in Salisbury.