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Man runs from police to avoid drug charges, falls down twice and is stunned twice

Aiden Whitley Aiden Whitley
The house at 600 W. Council Street The house at 600 W. Council Street

Police have often said that abandoned or derelict properties attract crime, and on Wednesday night there was another example of just what they are talking about.

Police got a tip that there was a suspicious person hanging around the house located at 600 W. Council Street.  No one lives there and a neighbor was concerned.  There are broken windows on the house and other signs that the property is not being cared for regularly.

Officer Jeremy Hill responded to the call.  According to the police report, Hill parked his police car up the street from the house, then walked down to see if he could find anyone. When Hill walked around the back of the house he heard a voice say "who's there?"  Hill responded that it was the police, and he shined his flashlight in the man's face.  

The man took off running, with Officer Hill right behind him.

According to the report, the man, later identified as Aiden Whitley, 19, of Woodson Street, refused commands to stop running, and fell after jumping over a fence as he ran into the 500 block of W. Council.

Officer Hill used his stun gun, but Whitley continued to run.  Whitley fell down a second time and was then stopped by Officer Hill.

According to the report, Whitley refused the officer's commands to take his hands from underneath his body, so he was stunned again.

A search of Whitley turned up 12 grams of methamphetamine and digital scales.  Whitley was charged with resisting police, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a felony charge of drug possession.  He was jailed under $3500 bond and has since been released.

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