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Get car scratch repair at our Charlotte auto body shop!

Charlotte auto body shop Charlotte auto body shop
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Imagine this scenario: you are admiringyour ride after a nice car detailing. You are happy with the result only to realize thatthere’s a huge scratch on your car’s exterior. Realizing that your car hasscratches is enough to bum you (or anyone) out! Luckily, our auto body shop in Charlotte specializes in getting yourride back to pristine condition with auto body repair!

If you’re in need of minor or major auto repairs, you can count on our technicians togive your ride that makeover it needs. Let’s take a look at how our professionals canget rid of any car scratches that may be on your ride. 

Let our techs help you with autobody repair in Charlotte!

While it may be tempting to take on auto body repair in Charlotte on your own, we don’t suggest it!You could accidentally create more problems in the exterior of your car if you don’tknow how to fix the problem. When you bring your ride to our Charlotte auto body shop, youcan count on quality work for an affordable price. Our technicians use state-of-the-artequipment to perform auto body repairs, so you’ll get an excellent result when youentrust your ride to our techs. 

How exactly can our techs help you get rid of unsightly car scratches? We sat down with themto find out the 411 on car scratch repair!

Getrid of car scratches with the help of our Charlotte auto body shop

While car scratches and chips may seem like easy fixes, there’s a lot that goes tofixing them! You might think that you can buff out an imperfection; however, if it’stoo deep, you might actually need to replace the whole panel. What are some steps our Toyota Collision Center inCharlotte techs might take to get rid of car scratches?

  • If the car scratch is superficial, they will buff out the problem area to get rid of the scratch. Again, leave this auto body repair to our techs, since you could accidentally leave buffer marks on the exterior!
  • A deep scratch might take more effort to get rid of, however. If the scratch is too deep, our techs will have to grind the area all the way to the metal, apply filler, and repaint the area affected. If you’re worried about consistency, you shouldn’t worry! Our techs are experts and will match the car paint job in Charlotte to a ‘T’!
  • Cracks and chipping are the most complicated problems to deal with.  These problems require more extensive auto body repair Charlotte. Our techs would probably have to strip your vehicle completely to the metal and give it a new car paint job. This auto body repair will make your vehicle look like-new in no time at all!

As you can see, it’s easy to get any necessary auto body repair with the help of ourToyota Collision Center! Pay us a visit today at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 atexit 23. Give us a call at 888-732-5310 if you need to schedule an appointment.

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