Jon Barber watches from sidelines as term comes to an end; predicts big turnout in Rowan

Jon Barber watches from sidelines as term comes to an end; predicts big turnout in Rowan

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Jon Barber can watch this election with some degree of separation.  First elected to the commission in November of 2006, the long serving commissioner was not on the ballot this year and is concluding his service as county commissioner.

On Tuesday morning Barber called into to talk about the election with WSTP Radio's Kent Bernhardt.  Barber told Bernhardt that he thinks turnout will be very  high for a non-presidential election year.

"You're probably going to see a turnout of about 45% today," Barber said.  He thinks the contentious US Senate race between Democrat incumbent Kay Hagan and Republican challenger Thom Tillis is pushing a lot of voters to the polls.

"If it gets people out, that's great," Barber said. "I had to choose someone. Personally I'd like to see a change in the US Senate in control, but that's just me personally."

As far as his own seat, and those up for grabs on the county commission and school board, Barber says the influence of La Resistance and the Rowan Alliance is making a difference.

"You've got so much interest in this race and the influence of the political action committees, it's hard to say who will win," Barber said.  "It could be a combination of  Republican, Democrat, and unaffiliated.  It's really going to be hard to say who are the three who will be left standing."

Barber says the influence of those political action committees and the presence of legitimate unaffiliated candidates make this election a very unique moment in Rowan County history.

Barber said he plans on spending this election night at the Board of Elections broadcasting the results with Buddy Poole of Memories 1280, WSAT.  WBTV's news partner, AM 1490-WSTP, will also have live election results coverage with Howard Platt beginning at 7:30.

In addition, WBTV will update local election results both on air and on line on the WBTV page, the Rowan County Community page, and Facebook pages.