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Middle school cheerleader with Down Syndrome inspires others

(Christine Trotta | Eva Blu Photography) (Christine Trotta | Eva Blu Photography)

There is no denying the cheerleaders at Sun Valley Middle School are filled with plenty of team spirit. But at the heart of all that spirit is 11-year-old Gigi Cunningham.

Gigi is in the 6th grade, a popular cheerleader and tackles Down Syndrome every day with an attitude that inspires others.

"At first I think they didn't know what to do. I think everybody felt like they needed to take care of her," 6th Grade Sun Valley Cheerleading coach Jessica Latimer. "We treat her just like everyone else. She doesn't get away with anything and that's the request of her parents."

Gigi sees no task too great to conquer.

People say the young girl embodies the spirit of inclusion and her teammates look up to her fearlessness.

"She wants to do what typical kids are doing, whether it's in the classroom or cheerleading," parents Stacey and Bruce Cunningham said. "She just wants to learn it and she will keep going until she gets it.

People around her say she's a picture perfect example for those around her.

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

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