ALERT: Ferguson, MO police chief to step down

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NEW OVERNIGHT: The question has been asked many times whether the Ferguson, MO police chief will step down after the shooting of Michael Brown by one of his officers. Right now, CNN is citing its sources that Chief Thomas Jackson will leave his post in hopes of helping ease tension there. We have details on how soon Jackson will step down.

BREAKING: Two people have been shot in Charlotte. A couple hours ago there was a shooting at a nightclub in the area. WBTV's Ashton Pellom takes us to the scene and has details on what happened.

VIDEO ALERT: A major fail for NASA. We've been talking about its rocket launch that was supposed to happen already but got pushed back. Wait until you see the video of it taking off overnight. It was barely in the air before things really started going south.

The Buzz is Back! And boy are tickets sales through the roof for the Charlotte Hornets season.

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