Coolief gives local woman her life back

Longer relief from chronic pain



This time last year Donna White of Hickory spent most days confined to her home. Chronic knee pain from Osteoarthritis made it almost impossible to enjoy life. "I was basically stuck in the chair," Donna told me. Then she turned to Unifour Pain Center in Hickory, part of Frye Regional Medical Center. There, Doctor Felicia Cain told White about Coolief, a treatment for Osteoarthritis.  Dr. Cain says it is helping patients get their lives back.

Using a local anesthetic, Dr. Cain places a needle in three different locations in the knee. The areas are near the nerves that tell us we're in pain. "This tip generates an electrical force that causes ions to move about and shifting and the cell membrane of the nerve and breaks it down," Dr. Cain explained. With Coolief radio frequency versus tradition RF there is constant cooling of water at the tip of the needle. Dr. Cain says that gives her a great advantage, "What that does is it pushes that heat out further, creating a bigger lesion in the area treated." That, according to the doctor, means longer lasting pain relief.

"So then this nerve is no longer able to tell the brain I'm having pain," Dr. Cain said. As for Donna White it's been several months and she's still feeling the relief from the Coolief procedure. "I'm a whole new person. I'm able to go shopping, I went on vacation, I even chase a 15 month old baby all day," White said.

The length of pain relief varies, according to the doctor. But so far she is very pleased with the results many patients are report being pain free for 6 months to as along as 18 months. As a caregiver the doctor told me, "It is significant and if we can help those people and get them moving again and give them back a life! That's great!"

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