Maryann Kauffman posts heartfelt and passionate note about her faith

Maryann Kauffman posts heartfelt and passionate note about her faith

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Maryann Kauffman, the wife of murdered Rowan County firefighter Marcus Kauffman, is speaking out on a social media page designed to keep her and her son in the thoughts and prayers of the community.

Marcus Kauffman was shot and killed during a robbery at his home near Cleveland in western Rowan County eleven months ago. Four men were charged in connection with the crime and are awaiting trial.

A post to the page "Remembering Marco, Praying For Maryann" spells out where Maryann is today in her faith journey.  It is reposted here with her permission:

"It's a constant battle for me, the battle of the mind. If I allow my mind to go wherever it pleases, I can so quickly start feeling sorry for myself, and lose sight of God's goodness to me," Kauffman wrote.

"I look at other young couples raising their children together, their family so complete, and it just feels unfair. I look at Landon and wonder WHY God would take away his daddy, and leave me to raise him alone. A little boy NEEDS his daddy. The more I let myself think about the things that have been taken from me, and the ways life seems unfair, the less praise I feel in my heart towards God. And see, that's right where the devil wants me."

"He wants me to think God has mistreated me. That He isn't always faithful and good. That He doesn't really care. He wants me to FORGET all of the blessings I've been given. He wants me to forget about the blessing of a healthy little boy, a godly family that sticks by my side through the hard times, the way God has provided for me financially, and most of all, the hope I have in Him ththat there'so much more beyond this life...beyond the here and now. So today, I'm actively making the choice once again to dwell on God. Because He IS good. He deserves my full praise and adoration. I won't sulk about what I don't have, cause I know I have so much more than so many other people. And God really has been so very good to me."

"So what about you? What are the thoughts that the devil brings against you? And are you gonna let him have his way today, or are you gonna do damage to the kingdom of darkness by bringing the glory to God that He truly deserves? The devil wants to destroy you through your thoughts. Don't let him."