Goblin, Ghosts and Ghoul Workout

Fitness Coach Nettie Reeves stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to share her "Goblin, Ghosts and Ghoul Workout".

Can you run from goblins?

Band Runs pack a powerful aerobic and strength punch! Place a band around your partner's waist. Hold on to the band and pull your partner as your partner runs.

Can you catch a ghost?

Form a circle with leader in the middle. Choose a heavier ball. All squat and throw the ball to the leader. All squat in between throws and catches.

Can you act like a ghoul?

Lying down your back with partner standing at your head. Grab your partners ankles. Place feet in the air. Partner thrust feet to the floor as you resist and bring them back to in the air.

Can you get haunted abdominals?

Wrap band around a sturdy object. Hold handles and perform sit ups. With partner, hold full band and both perform sit ups in unison.

Going to a Halloween Party?

Take bands with you to a party and allow them to help costume your act!

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