Salisbury woman dead after being stung by yellow jackets

Salisbury woman dead after being stung by yellow jackets

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A Salisbury woman died on Tuesday afternoon after she was stung by a swarm of what neighbors say were yellow jackets.

The woman, identified by a family friend as Dianne Cupp, was raking leaves at a home on Bethel Drive when she was stung.

Officials confirmed that the woman was stung multiple times.

Rowan EMS and the Salisbury Fire Department responded to the call late Tuesday afternoon.  The woman was treated at the scene, but later died at the hospital after going into cardiac arrest.

Yellow jackets do have nests that are below the surface of the ground, and can become aggressive if disturbed.  Many people can have severe allergic reactions to the venom carried by the yellow jacket, and the original call to the Bethel Drive home was for an allergic reaction.

For people who are aware that they are allergic to the stings, the epinephrine pen is a must have, according to Kyle Yoder of Moose Pharmacy.

"If a patient has a known allergic reaction to a bee sting, typically we would see those people get an epinephrine prescription," Yoder told WBTV.  "And that's an epinephrine auto injector pen.  The biggest thing they need to do is have another family member in the home trained on how to use that pen, and time is of the essence."

Yoder also says it's good to have liquid Benadryl on had.

"For people that don't know that they have a reaction, or just want to keep Benadryl in the home, liquid Benadryl; is going to get in to the system the quickest," Yoder added.

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