Inmate on the lam

Good morning! It's Monday, October 20 and it's chilly outside! Hopefully you're reading this from the comfort of your warm and fuzzy bed as you wake up this morning. This is Christine Nelson. Here is a first look at the stories we're covering on WBTV News This Morning from 4:30-9:00 a.m. on WBTV and Bounce TV.

Agencies in both North and South Carolina are on alert for an escaped inmate. They may have significant ground to cover because he escaped jail one week ago. But was just spotted over the weekend when he was pulled over by police. WBTV's Mark Davenport has details on who this inmate is and how he slipped away from police during the traffic stop.

Relay sad day for students at a local high school. A third student from Bunker High School has died in the last two weeks! We'll tell you what happened to a student over the weekend and how the school is helping classmates cope today.

How about on your morning run for coffee you were asked, "Would you like that pumpkin spice latte fried??" We have the recipe to share.

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