WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Jobs for a Modern Economy

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Jobs for a Modern Economy
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For years now, people have been sounding the alarm about the disappearance of the middle class.

Over the course of our economic recovery, the wealthiest Americans have regained their footing and are doing better than ever.

And, yes, the number of job openings has significantly jumped.

But the vast majority of opportunities available are low to minimum wage positions.

So, the income gap in this country is quickly becoming a chasm.

If we don't do something to save the middle class, the repercussions will be huge.

Thankfully, a philosophical shift in job prep and planning is starting to occur. We're proud to say North Carolina is helping to lead the way.

Local companies are teaming up with schools and public officials to create tailored programs training students for good, attainable jobs.

Siemens Energy is a big, successful energy firm with a hub in southwest Charlotte.

It just gave CPCC $32 million worth of software to prepare students for advanced manufacturing careers.

The company plans to scoop up those who complete the coursework.

State leaders say they're aggressively pursuing other deals like Siemens'.

Governor Pat McCrory says his goal is to ensure that public schools and colleges are equipping the next generation of workers with skills for a modern economy.

And if the initiative works, we think it could go a long way towards saving the middle class.

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