Severe weather threat gone, but rain is not

Good morning! It's Wednesday, October 15. Christine Nelson reporting here from the WBTV newsroom. Here are the headlines we're watching and talking about on the air right now.

WEATHER ALERT: Rain, rain, rain. That's what we're dealing with this morning. The severe weather threat is gone though. Here is a snippet of an internal email Meteorologist Al Conklin sent to the WBTV newsroom this morning: "Still a very slow moving band of heavy rain crossing the watches or warnings (although a flood warning is possible somewhere in the I-77 corridor this morning, as some spots are getting very heavy rain now)" We give you more weather and traffic updates on the air every morning. So tune in now to see what the rainfall will be like where you live this morning.

We're hearing from you right now...sounding off the sending former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon received for taking bribes while in office. Do you think 44 months in prison was too light? Too harsh? Tune in to see whether residents feel the same way you do.

U.S. Senator John McCain is making an appearance in North Carolina today. Can you guess why?

NEW overnight: We are working to learn more details on a crash involving an ultra light aircraft in Union County.

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