Heirloom Restaurant's Biscuits & Red-Eye Gravy

Presented by Chef Clark Barlowe, Heirloom Restaurant
For Biscuits:

2 Cup      All Purpose Flour

3T           Baking Powder

1/4#        Butter

1 Cup     Buttermilk

For Gravy:

1/2 Cup  Bacon (Diced)

3T          Butter
2 Cup    Coffee

2 Cup    Buttermilk

4T          Flour

Salt and Pepper To Taste

For Garnish:

5-6 Leaves    Red Veined Sorrel

1.  For the biscuits mix the dry ingredients with butter slowly mixing in the butter by hand careful not to overwork.

2.  Add buttermilk slowly to mix all of the cup may not be necessary.

3.  Rest dough for 2 hours before cutting into portions.

4.  Bake of 350F until golden brown, approximately 8-12min.

5  For the gravy slowly render the bacon in a medium pot and add butter. 

6. Once bacon is crispy whisk in flour to form a roux.  Add coffee and buttermilk and season with salt and pepper

7.  Blend gravy with hand blender until smooth and serve atop biscuits.  Garnish with baby greens if desired.

As always, all ingredients sourced from the great state of North Carolina.  Support your local farmers and artisan producers!  At Heirloom, it has always Got to Be NC!