Be an educated shopper with our new Scion tips!

Be an educated shopper with our new Scion tips!
new Scion FR-S
new Scion FR-S

When you’re out shopping for a new Scion in N Charlotte, you’re probably overwhelmed with the many choices there are on our lot. If you’re not sure what type of vehicle you want, the car shopping process will be incredibly stressful! Buying a car should be a thrilling experience, not something that is likened to getting a root canal.

We have a feeling that shopping for the Scion of your dreams would be a breeze if there were some pointers! For that very reason, our new Scion dealership near Charlotte is sharing car buying tips for new Scion shopping – check them out!

Take home a Scion near Charlotte with our pointers!

Purchasing a new Scion in N Charlotte isn’t hard when you listen to our tips! At our Scion dealership, we truly value your time, which is why we’re constantly sharing car buying tips. What are some tips that will make your shopping experience a pleasant one? 

Tip #1-Do some research

When you decide to buy a new Scion, you probably thought about it for a while before you took the plunge! Now that you’ve decided to buy a new car, take some time out to do some research. Think about the type of car you want i.e. do you need a compact ride or do you want a sports car (and if you do, you should check out the N Charlotte Scion FR-S!). If you take the time out to research your car needs, you’ll be able to come into our Scion dealership and pinpoint the car you want in no time at all!

Tip #2-Read the car window stickers

If you’ve purchased a new Scion in N Charlotte before, you know that our vehicles come with a car window sticker. This piece of paper found on the vehicle is chock-full of helpful information! Even if you don’t follow our first tip, you’ll be able to find a lot of information on this piece of information. Just a few things you’ll find on a new car window sticker are: model information, fuel efficiency, total price, standard equipment, and other pieces of information! New car window stickers are required by law, so make sure you take advantage of the information!

Tip #3 - Choose a car and test drive it

You wouldn’t want to buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, right? Buying a new vehicle should the same. Once you’ve narrowed down the type of car that you want, you should take it out for a spin! When you test drive the Scion near Charlotte, you’ll be able to see how the car handles and if it’s spacious enough for your lifestyle.
Get into a new Scion near Charlotte easily

Like we mentioned, getting into a new Scion is easy with our tips! Visit our Scion dealership today to scoop out our Scion cars! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23. You can reach us at 888-883-3797 if you have any questions.

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