WBTV's Domestic Violence Special: The Courage to Survive

Domestic Violence Body Language Expertise

It's an issue that has grabbed headlines across the country - and right here in the Carolinas - over the past several weeks: domestic violence.

In fact, counselors across the nation say they saw a jump in calls about abusive relationships after
video of former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice punching his then-fiancee' was leaked. Closer to home, Carolina Panther Greg Hardy has been benched while he appeals his conviction for assaulting his girlfriend.

Someone you know - a friend, a family member or co-worker may be in a similar situation. In an effort to raise awareness, we dedicated our entire show of WBTV News on Bounce on October 1st - to domestic violence.

From survivors who boldly shared their stories, to our varied panel of experts - including a body language expert who dissected that now-infamous Ray Rice video, our goal was to inform inform, uplift and hopefully, give someone the courage to get out of an abusive relationship.

We've posted the show in its entirety here online.

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