October Survivor of the Month: George Pinion

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A man from Weddington is our WBTV Breast Cancer Survivor of the Month for October.  Yes.  A man.

"I would like to nominate my husband, George Pinion," his wife Jody wrote.  "I am a nurse.  George showed me a lump just under his right nipple and as soon as he showed it to me, I knew it was bad.  Men get breast cancer too, but because they don't do self-exams or get mammograms, their cancers are usually more advanced and involved more lymph nodes than breast cancers in women."

On March 16th, 2013, George was diagnosed with infiltrating breast carcinoma, Stage III.

A month after having a mammogram, he had a mastectomy.  At that same time, doctors removed 33 lymph nodes from under his right arm.

"The rug was snatched out from underneath us," Jody says.  "Like many men, he wasn't one to really go to the doctor.  Then in one month he had surgery, lost his hair and beard and had a drainage tube coming out of his chest.  Chemotherapy and radiation followed.  It was a very hard, long year.  I'm happy to say as of May 19th, 2014, all his scans are clear and he is feeling great!"

George and Jody started hiking and recently bought bicycles to start biking together.  Some of the pictures here are from a recent trip to San Francisco.  They'd put it off for three years, but this past August finally made it.

They have two sons, 33-year-old Ryan and 30-year-old Jacob.  Interestingly, Jacob is a pediatric cancer survivor, beating Hodgkins Lymphoma at 11-years-old.

Both Ryan and Jacob came to sit with their dad on his first chemo treatment.

"I am so proud of him," Jody wrote.  "That's why I'm nominating him for this honor.  It's also important to raise awareness about breast cancer in men because very little is ever mentioned."

Congrats to you, George.  Thank you (and Jody) for letting us share your story.  We think and hope it'll make an impact.  Here's to your continuing good health and a cancer-free journey.

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