WBTV Speak Out Editorial: STOP...Passing School Buses

STOP...Passing School Buses

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Can you envision yourself ever passing a school bus on the side of the road – its "Stop" sign out, lights flashing?

No? Well, these drivers probably couldn't either.

But look at them…seven in a row…blowing on by.

In a hurry? No doubt. Distracted, not paying attention? Most likely.

Whatever these drivers may say, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for passing a stopped school bus.

They're big…They're bright yellow…They have lots of flashing lights…

But most importantly, they're picking up or letting out our children – some as young as five years old.

Trusting youngsters who take for granted that drivers have obeyed the law.

To them, the coast is guaranteed to be clear.

But when there's a contest between speeding car and student, the student always loses.

Estimates are that vehicles pass stopped school buses in North Carolina 3000 times daily.

That just can't happen.

There is a new deterrent….Some area school buses are being equipped with cameras to capture the vehicle passing the bus, its license plate, and the driver's face.

The fine is $500 and 5 points against your license.

We hope that helps, but it really comes down to each of us obeying the law and protecting our children.

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