Give your Charlotte used car a makeover with our tips!

Give your Charlotte used car a makeover with our tips!
pre-owned car in Charlotte
pre-owned car in Charlotte
used car tips
used car tips
Purchasing a car is probably one of the most exhilarating times in one's life, especially if you're purchasing the vehicle for yourself. However, some people think that purchasing a used car in Charlotte is less exciting than purchasing a brand-new car. One thing we can say is that these people are wrong! Getting behind the wheel of one of our Charlotte used cars is just as exciting as buying a new car. 

People may think that used vehicles are inferior because they're previously owned and they don't have the looks of a modern car. If that's your worry, then we have great news for you: we're sharing some tips that will help you spruce up your used vehicle with incredible ease!

Sprucing up your Charlotte used car is simple

If your biggest concern is your car's looks, you can easily customize your pre-owned car! All you have to do is decide which parts of your vehicle you wish to change. There are DIY hacks that will make giving your used car a makeover as simple as pie! Here are some DIY tips that will help you fall in love with your pre-owned car:

Use toothpaste to clean headlights

If your car's headlights are looking less than clear, you can actually use toothpaste to clean them up! Foggy headlights are not only unsafe, but they make your car look kind of frumpy. If toothpaste doesn't do the trick, you can change the headlights up. Either way, sparkling headlights are both safe and stylish!

Cover up a less than pristine interior

If the interior of your used vehicle is less than immaculate, you can cover up the flawed parts of your ride! If the steering wheel is peeling and it looks rough, you can buy a sleek steering wheel cover. Do the seats have stains that can't be removed? You can buy sturdy seat covers that match your personality or the interior of your used car. The best part of it all is that you can add some personality to your ride while you spruce it up at the same time! Our
auto parts center in Charlotte covers carries accessories that 

Liven up the exterior with a car paint job

If the paint job on your Charlotte
used car isn't as shiny as it should be, you can bring your ride to our Toyota Collision Center to get a car paint job in Charlotte! Even if you don't switch up the color, our technicians can put on a clear top over it in order to give it that sparkle you really want! If you do decide to change the color, stick to basic colors. You never know if you want to sell the ride in the future and basic colors (i.e. white, silver, black) are more popular than a loud color!

Detail your Charlotte used car and make it look like new!

Another thing you can do to make your car look pristine is to give it a good scrubbing with a car detailing! Make sure you get under the seats and vacuum every nook and cranny. The exterior should also get a good washing!

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