Understanding your health using technology

Taking care of our health, as well as the health of our children and aging parents, is important and can be daunting. Technology advances are making it easier than ever to better understand your fitness level, blood pressure or glucose trends, or find the most appropriate care for an ailment.

Jonathan Moss of Verizon stopped by WBTV News Sunday Morning to share information on gadgets and apps available to show just how simple it is to take your health into your own hands.

iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor ($99.99)

•Measures blood pressure, heart rate and pulse wave and syncs the data with an app on a wireless device to create charts to track blood pressure patterns.

•They can share results with family or a doctor to inform health decisions over time.

iHealth Pulse Oximeter Monitor ($69.99)

•Ideal for athletes and fitness buffs; allows you to monitor blood oxygen saturation and pulse.

•Simply slip your finger inside the device and data syncs directly to your Apple device so you can view trends or share with your doctor.

iTriage (Free, Apple and Android)

•Free app created by Emergency Room doctors that helps you find out what medical condition you may have and if or where you should seek treatment.

•You can search based on your symptoms, learn about potential causes, and find the most appropriate treatment, whether a family doctor, urgent care facility, or hospital.

Withings Pulse Activity Tracker ($99.99)

•This is the first personal, portable activity tracker that measures heart rate, as well as steps, elevation, distance, calories burned and sleeps quality.

•Syncs via Bluetooth to the free app, where you can also log the foods you eat for a full picture of your health, comparing calories in vs. calories out and more.

ibitzPowerKey ($34.99)

•Activity tracker designed for kids that makes healthy habits fun. It turns your child's daily activity into a game, syncing their movements to an adorable virtual pet.

•It's durable, water-resistant, comes in fun colors and clips directly to their shoes.

•Children learn to see being active as fun, unlocking new levels and games, learning about health and nutrition, while parents monitor kids' progress from their smartphones.