Is it time to take a "career selfie"?

Is it time to take a "career selfie"?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Dr. Tracey Wilen, author of 11 books on Career and Business topics, visited WBTV News Saturday Morning to talk about why you might need to take a career selfie and to explain 10 workforce trends that will help you focus on your future.

Her advice follows:

Career selfie? It might be time to upgrade. 

It might be time to upgrade your skills, take a closer look at your career, and paint a brighter picture for yourself.

Why a career selfie?

I hope that people have the mindset to spend as much time looking at their careers as they do taking and  looking at their selfies!

10 work trends in a digital world.

  1. Trend one is Contribution is key. Tell us more
  • The need for a loyal worker has been replaced by the Entrepreneurial employee.
  • Today firms are more interested in people who continually add value rather than just loyalty.
  • People who can take ownership of your job and provide value to your firm, you group or the bottom line.
  • Methods might include increasing sales, fine tuning processes, enhancing the customer experience or reducing costs.
  1. "A" player- is now a T person what is this?
  • The definition has broadened from a diligent generalist or specialist to a T person (transdiciplinarity) a person who has it all- breadth, depth and technical proficiency and can differentiate themselves in some way.
  1. Making your manager look good is replaced with how your strong personal brand makes the firm's brand look good. Tell us more
  • Today leaders realize that employees are the face of the firm's business in all functional areas sales, marketing customer service so personal brand matters. How an employee present his/her self to the outside reflects on how the management team looks and the firm's brand.
  • Hotel example. When you enter a hotel the first person you meet is not the hotel manager. It is the bellboy, the front desk personnel or perhaps the concierge. Your impression of these people will give you an overall impression of the hotel.

1.      It isn't about The All-star Individual but you say it is about the All-star Team leader ?

  • It's all about teams today.
  • In the past In fact many employees were recognized for their single act of heroism at company meetings and perhaps given a bonus or spot award for that single act.
  • The world is too complex for one person to do it all. If that A person goes away who will continue the work?
  • That is moving teammates to the finish line together, helping a B player become an A player this is how you can stand out in a competitive world.
  1. The firm is not your family it is your team.
  • Many of us may remember that when we joined a firm it became our family. We worked together, socialized together, retired together and even found a partner through work. Today the world is much more competitive and uncertain.
  • The velocity of an adult and jobs movement is 4 years 4 months.
  • Two way agreement employer and employee
  1. Tap on the shoulder is over. 
  • Longevity does not mean promotion anymore.
  • Here are some ways to expand your skills at work
    • The lateral move.  A tour of duty, Externships, Cross functional teams. 
    • Outside of work- groups, volunteer, classes
  1. Culture can kill you. 
  • The vanilla firm is over.
  • Remember cultural fit is a two way street.
  • Research and interview people at the firm as aggressively as they are evaluating you.
  1. Finding your passion is replaced by personal exploration.
  • Assess what you like to do and you do well to find your direction. Everyone has a gift. Use job changes, special projects, outside activities to help find your personal calling.
  1. Be a marketable employee- What works for you and your firm?  
  • Become a marketable employee- operations, project management, and transformational employee, create a high demand for yourself at work inside and outside.
  1. Firms and jobs come and go but people last. 
  • 75-85% of jobs inside and outside the firm are through networking.
  • You may out last your firm and your management but people travel in packs.

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