Resident accused of ripping off neighbors in exclusive apartment building

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Residents in one of Salisbury's safest and most exclusive apartment buildings were shocked when one of their own was arrested by police on Wednesday.

Kyle Edward Colton Hensley, 26, a resident of the Prince Charles apartments on N. Fulton Street, was charged with going door to door and stealing various items, including expensive jewelry.

Hensley faces five counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, one count of felony breaking and entering, and once count of felony larceny.  Police say several more charges are pending.

According to investigators, residents began to notice that various items were missing from their homes.  One resident told police how a jar filled with quarters disappeared from a bathroom counter top, and that within a few days, another jar full of change disappeared.

Police were also notified by local pawn shops that a man was bringing in electronics and unique items of jewelry, including gold pens engraved with the name of the owner and his company.

Investigators say Hensley was subleasing the apartment from the owner, who lives out of state. He was able to get into neighboring apartments because residents frequently leave their doors unlocked because the main doors to get into the building are always locked and required someone to be "buzzed in" before gaining entrance.

According to police, one resident was stunned recently when Hensley simply walked into his apartment while he was there.  The man questioned Hensley who said he was "just checking on him."

Hensley is currently being held under $60,000 bond.

The investigation is continuing, according to police.  Several residents have been able to reclaim their belongings, and more items are still being recovered.

Investigators say Hensley had been stealing and pawning items since July.

Police urge residents to keep a record of valuable items, complete with make, model, and serial numbers, when possible.