Fighting breast cancer a second time

Breast cancer survivor's story

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A powerful lesson from a Charlotte woman fighting breast cancer for a second time.

"For once I actually uttered the words, 'This isn't fair'," 47-year-old Reba Whaley says.  "'I did my thing.  I shouldn't have to do it again'.  Obviously you have to rethink that.  You can't stay in that mode. So… I changed my tune.  I decided I could let cancer suck the life out of me, or I could look at this and go, 'You're a parasite. I'm the Host. I got the power, and go from there.'"

Reba was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.  She beat it.  Got the free and clear.  It came back last year as Stage IV that moved to her liver and spine.

She is currently in radiation -- came to our interview straight from it, actually.  Chemo is next.

She plans on being at Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure October 4th.  It's too important, she says, not to be.

"People need to do 'Race for the Cure' FOR A CURE," she says.  "That's the key word to me in all of this: CURE.  Women are still dying.  My friend, Ms. Sandra Hill, DeAngelo's mom... don't get me started... last year at this time she was propping me up.  She was sending me Bible verses and I was crying on her shoulder saying 'I don't know what I'm going to do'. And now she's gone.  That's not acceptable to me. Cancer is not acceptable to me."

Sign up now for "Race for the Cure" by going to  It's a $35 registration fee.  If you join "WBTV Team Molly", you get two t-shirts, one from WBTV and one from Komen Charlotte. 

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