Woman who claims she was groped by deputy and can't be arrested charged on several counts

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A Rowan County woman who made several claims against deputies was arrested after an incident on Friday.

According to the report, a Rowan Sheriff's deputy was checking the registration of a black car that he had gotten behind on Glover Road while patrolling his area.

The car belonged to Trishia Bassett on the 300-block of Happy Lake Road.  The deputy was familiar with Ms. Bassett because of her involvement in another case.

As the deputy continued to follow the car, he noted that it was occupied by one man and one woman. While he was behind it, the deputy says the car ran off the road, then came back on the road.  The deputy turned out his blue light.  He noted that after going another half mile, the black car made a sudden right turn into a driveway at the 800-block of Glover Road.

According to the report, the driver's door opened and a man got out of the car and quickly ran away. The deputy called for help and went up to the car to check on the passenger, later determined to be Trishia Bassett.

When the deputy told Bassett to put up her hands, she refused, and told the deputy that she could not be arrested because she had not done anything wrong.  The deputy told Bassett that she was not arrested, but that he was trying to detain her while he investigated the driver who had run from the scene.

Bassett told the deputy that he couldn't do that and jerked away from him.  The deputy noted that Bassett "became extremely irate and pulled away from my grasp and started to turn away."

The deputy told Bassett that she was now under arrest for resisting police.  "She only became more irate and aggressive, beginning to tense up and thrash about," the report stated.

The deputy placed Bassett on the ground next to the patrol car, placed her in handcuffs, and "patted her down to determine that she did not have any weapons on her."

At that point, according to the report, the woman screamed, "claiming that I had felt her up."  The deputy noted that he tried to explain what he was doing, but that Bassett "continued her vulgar yelling...claiming that I had inappropriately touched her."

Minutes later the deputy helped Bassett get off the ground and tried to take her back to his patrol car.  Bassett "tried to lunge her body away from me and get away."  The deputy placed her back on the ground.

"While waiting, she was doing her best to get up against my commands and she began kicking at me, striking my left arm once before I repositioned myself to prevent injury," the deputy noted.

Once more deputies arrived, it took four of them to subdue Bassett.  During that time, Bassett continued to scream claiming deputies "were inappropriately touching her and looking down her shirt and pants."

The deputy was eventually able to take Bassett to the magistrate's office.  On the way, Bassett "rambled on the entire way, making accusations that I groped her during the altercation."

Bassett also told that deputy that she knew where he lived and knew his family, but never made any direct threat.  Bassett also "made several statements accusing me of tearing up her house and terrorizing her children while unlawfully entering her home."

Once at the magistrate's office Bassett "tried to argue with the magistrate...she got upset and started acting disrespectful towards him," according to the report.

Bassett was charged with assault on a government official and resist, obstruct, and delay.  She was jailed and later released on $2500 bond.

The driver of the car was not found.

Deputies first came into contact with Bassett in an earlier case.  They had been searching for a man named Daniel Wages who is wanted on failing to appear in four separate court cases, including felony probation violation.

The deputy noted that after conducting several interviews during that earlier investigation that Wages was living at the Happy Lake Road address.

It is not known if Wages was the driver of the car.

Bassett called WBTV on Wednesday to take issue with the deputy's account of the story.  Bassett says "he threw me face down into a gravel ditch, and he jumped on top of me, my leg came up off the ground and hit him and he charged me with assault," Bassett told WBTV.

"They put me in shackles, they picked me up and slung me into the back of the patrol car," Bassett said. "I've been fighting men my whole life, if I had wanted to hurt him I could have."

Bassett claims that the deputies should have chased the driver instead of dealing with her and insists the driver was not Daniel Wages.

"Yes, they are looking for my boyfriend but they're waking me up for a man who isn't here," Bassett told WBTV.  "That was just a man I was giving a ride to.  I don't know him, I know his brother."

"I just felt like I was violated," Bassett added. "I've never been in trouble in my life.  I can't afford a lawyer, I just want somebody to listen to my side. The whole situation is mind blowing to me."