Breast Cancer survivor: 'Follow your gut instinct no matter what the doctor says'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Tiffany Sanders found her breast cancer in 2011 at the young age of 34.

"I felt a lump and was like... huh.  So I went to my doctor and asked him to check it out," she says.  "He was like, 'Oh no, I wouldn't worry about it'.  Well, he was wrong.  I needed to worry."

There's your lesson -- Tiffany Sanders says follow your gut instinct.  No matter what the doctor says.

"Mine started off as Stage II but by the end I think it was Stage III because there were two lumps instead of one."

Sixteen rounds of chemo, a lumpectomy and radiation therapy later, Tiffany is cancer-free.

"Be aware of the resources you have out here to get free mammograms and things.  Make sure you are advocating for yourself."

This now 37-year-old says Komen Charlotte "Race for the Cure" is one of the most meaningful mornings for her every year.  She'll be there next Saturday, October 4th.

"Race for the Cure started me out on my journey because I didn't start chemo until the 6th of October," she said.  "And three years ago the 'Race' was the last thing I did before starting my treatments."

Tiffany is just one of 20,000+ of us who will be in Uptown's Marshall Park.  Come share in the FEEL of the morning... join WBTV's team if you'd like!

Registration is $35 -- for that you get two t-shirts (a Komen Charlotte shirt and a "WBTV Race for the Cure" shirt).  Go to: