35-year-old diagnosed with breast cancer one year after her mom

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Thirty-five-year-old Kellie McAvoy lives in Tega Cay with her three kids. She was diagnosed in 2013 with breast cancer.

It was a year to the day, exactly, of her mother's breast cancer diagnosis. Both women have beaten it.

"I had two types," she says, "DCIS and invasive ductal carcinoma. If it wasn't for my mom having cancer, I would've never had any reason to go in and have tests done."

Yet, when she went to get a mammogram, doctors wouldn't give one.

"I went to two walk in clinics and they turned me away saying I was too young," she says.

Kellie's amazing attitude attracts you to her instantly. She wears bold statements on a T-shirt, things like, "Yes, they're fake. My real ones tried to kill me."

"I feel amazing now," she says. "I feel like I can conquer this world. I have no more fears in me. I feel like I have the rest of my life to live and make memories with my children and be there for them."

Kellie will be at Komen Charlotte Race for the Cure on October 4th. We invite you to join us that morning in Marshall Park.

The "Race" is to raise money to FIND A CURE and to support the thousands of people in our Charlotte-area fighting this nasty disease.

You can walk or run, bring your kids, strollers, pink wigs and love. Go to www.wbtv.com/breastcancer for all information and to register.

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