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West Meck HS student knocked unconscious at school


A Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) district mother is concerned about the safety of her daughter. The junior, Talor Alcorn, attends West Mecklenburg High School.

Thursday morning Alcorn was knocked unconscious in the school cafeteria. She was rushed to the hospital. Pictures of the attacked quickly surfaced on social media.

"To see my child laying in the hospital like that," the victim's mother Tracina Jones said. "Was traumatic."

Sixteen-year-old Kyedaija Credle was charged with simple assault. Court documents read Credle repeatedly stuck Alcorn in the face with fists. The mother says this happened because of bullying.

This how she was told the assault happened.
"They started with a verbal confrontation," the mother said. "And my daughter expressed to her I do not want to fight you. And she began to turn and walk away from it. And the girl hauled off and
hit her. My daughter did not have the chance to defend herself." 

The mother says the images of her daughter on social media has been devastating to her daughter.

"That's disturbing," the mother said. "There's nothing funny about that."

The mother believes CMS can do more to address bullying. The mother told WBTV her daughter has been dealing with the bullying since elementary school from the suspect. Jones encouraged her daughter to report the bullying, but the daughter claims the punishments weren't harsh enough to stop the bad behavior.

The daughter told her mother this is what happens in CMS after a bullying incident is reported.

"Just have you sign a bully contract," the mother said. "And tell you not to do it no more and that's that. So it's beyond signing a contract."

CMS says it does address bullying. It conducts several activities throughout the year to help curb bullying.

The mother also wonders if there is enough security present at the school.

"Where was the administrator," Jones said. "Or where was a resource officer in the cafeteria to be able to stop that."

CMS told WBTV there was security in the cafeteria monitoring students. But some parents, students, and staff believe the school needs more security.

Alcorn had to receive six stitches, is on heavy medication and doctors are checking if she suffered a concussion. No word if she will return back to West Mecklenburg High School.

The mother wants the parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of bullying and she wants the person responsible for the crime to be kicked out of school.

"Because if you can do this to my child," the mother said. "And not think about your consequences to your actions before doing it, who else's child will be in danger."

More security was present at West Mecklenburg HS on Friday and students will have limited access at the school next week to help keep things calm.

The mother was told another arrest will come and she tells WBTV she is talking to a lawyer.

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