Reporter Journal: Ferraris, Maseratis, and a $279,000 Lamborghini; it was a good day!

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - They are some of the most expensive and coveted cars in the world and on Wednesday they roared through Center City Charlotte, drawing a lot of attention from the lunch crowd.

Why were the doing this, and who did they belong to?

I have to admit, sometimes work is really pretty good, especially when you're sitting inside a Lamborghini Huracan. It has 600 horsepower and priced at $279,000, will give just about anybody sticker shock.

This car, and several other exotics from local dealerships were in Center City to promote the AutoFair at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

"Best sports car there are on the market," said Marcus Bumgardner.

In the parking lot across from the NASCAR Hall of Fame, they drew a crowd of the curious.

"Ferraris, Maseratis, come on, what more do you want, it's a dream," Bumgardner added.

And I got to take that dream on the road, at least as a passenger.  I could have ridden in any of them, including a Ferrari 458 Italia, described by the driver as "a street legal race car."

I did sit inside another Ferrari, and that's what you see in the picture.  The smell of the leather was so strong is was like being smothered by a new baseball glove.  Intoxicating.

But for my ride I went conservative and opted for the luxury and performance of a Maserati Quattraporte.

"This is a car you can get in entry level at $104,000," Cyrus Klaesi of Maserati of Charlotte told me, adding that at that price point, the car is not the exclusive domain of professional basketball players and hip hop artists.  "My clientele is daily, normal people, regular people who have regular jobs who just want something different."

After all, I wanted to be able to give you the view of what happens when you take a convoy of supercars through the steel and glass canyon of uptown Charlotte.

"It's better than being presidential, everybody stops and looks at you," Cyrus added.

It was true.  We watched for blocks as people turned their heads and stopped to have a look and frequently take pictures of the long line of four wheel fantasy machines.

And they listen to the sound of these crazy engines that reverberated through all around uptown.

And these exotics will be on the same stage as some more familiar names, all part of the AutoFair at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord where vendors are busy today setting up for a big weekend.

But back in Center City I had to take a last long look at something I can only dream of having in my garage…and it doesn't hurt to dream.