Tracking your location through pics of your pets

Tracking you through pet pics

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - There are so many new cyber lessons to learn.

Just when we think we have one down, there's a new twist.

Don't post pictures of your vacation while you're on vacation because it lets people know you're not home? Got it.

Don't tag photos of your family at home with geocodes because people will ill intentions can track you down? Okay, we can handle that.

Now, it turns out, you should be careful of the pictures you take of your pets too. This applies to pictures taken with a smart phone or with a newer model point-and-shoot camera that embeds geocodes into the digital photos you take.

According to WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton, a man named Owen Mundy, an assistant professor at Florida State University, created an app called "I Know Where Your Cat Lives". He randomly selects one million pictures from the web that include the word "cat". He then uses the picture's metadata to show the exact coordinates of where the cat was when the shot was taken.

Payton suggests turning off geocodes to help protect your privacy. Her advice follows:


To disable geotagging on your camera only, use your phone's settings and look for "camera". If you disable all geocodes, you will not be able to use the GPS for directions or looking for the closest stores and other features:

Manufacturers change their screens from time to time so this is just a general idea of how to access the geocode settings for the camera.


Select Settings, Select General, and Select Location Services.

Look for "Camera" and change that to OFF.


Open either Settings or go to the Camera app and select the Location/Security icon. Select Off.

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