Man who "already smoked it all" steals rolling papers off trunk of patrol car

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Deputies say Christopher Furr didn't actually have anything to do with the crime they were investigating, but when some cigarette rolling papers that had been placed on the trunk of a patrol car as part of an investigation proved too tempting, Furr found himself arrested.

On Sunday just before 6:00 am, a deputy driving down Stokes Ferry Road noticed a young woman who appeared to be drunk walking down the road.

The deputy stopped  and went back to speak with the woman.  As he did, he noticed two other cars stopping near the woman.  The deputy called for back up since several people began to get out of the vehicles.

The deputy turned on his blue lights and asked the woman to walk to his car.  As she approached, the deputy noted that the woman appeared intoxicated.  She was crying, and told the deputy that she had just left a party where some other girls had threatened to beat her up.

When asked, the woman denied that she had been drinking, then said that she had in fact, had a "couple of beers."

Christopher Furr then approached the deputy, according to the report.  The deputy described Furr as having "a strong odor of alcohol and marijuana coming from him."

The deputy asked Furr if he had marijuana in his car, and Furr replied "that he had already smoked it all."

Furr's car was searched with his permission.  The deputy noted finding a Mason jar with a strong odor of marijuana and a pack of rolling papers.  The deputy placed the items on the trunk and then started to check to see if there were warrants on any of the people who had stopped.

When the deputy got out of his car he noticed the rolling papers were gone.  He found them in Furr's pocket.  Furr was charged with obstructing an investigation and jailed under $500 bond.

The deputy was able to identify the woman he had originally spotted walking on the road.  She was taken to meet her mother and did not face any charges.