Water Pressure Update; Hardy Will Practice With Panthers

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LIVE:  We'll be live with updates as work is underway right now to repair the water pressure situation in southeast Mecklenburg County.  Thousands have had to deal with low water pressure...or no water at all...due to two broken valves.  Ashton Pellom has been following the story since we first broke the news Monday morning and will have all new developments.

Greg Hardy will practice with the Carolina Panthers today and attend team meetings, despite being deactivated for last Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions.  The question now is whether he will be deactivated for the upcoming game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Hardy was convicted of abuse by a judge, but is appealing, which legally means he has a "stay" on the conviction and it is not yet listed on his legal record.

There are new accusations that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson injured another one of his children.  Peterson was indicted last week... accused of injuring one of his children when he hit the child with a switch.  He was deactivated for last week's game against the Patriots... but was reinstated by the team Monday.

Jury deliberations will resume today in the Eric Cox trial.  Prosecutors say Cox was drunk when he ran a red light in Charlotte three years ago... hitting and killing a 26-year old mother and seriously injured her young son.

Overnight -- people gathered at a church in Lexington County, South Carolina to honor Merah, Elias, Nahtahn, Gabriel and Abigail Elizabeth Jones.  They're the five children investigators say were killed by their father.  We're learning final autopsy results for the children are expected to be complete in about a month.

Amid the growing pressure for a global response to the Ebola outbreak...President Obama will be in Atlanta today to visit the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The U.S. House could vote as early as Wednesday on whether to authorize arming and training moderate Syrian rebels in a mission to destroy the Islamic State militant group. Republicans are holding internal talks today.

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