Carolina Panthers fans react to Greg Hardy being deactivated Sunday

A football coach's job is to win and as a coach you want your best players on the field. But this morning hours before kickoff, Coach Ron Rivera made a bold move.

"It was my decision that it was in the best interest of the Carolina Panthers," said Rivera.

The Carolina Panthers deactivated defensive end Greg Hardy from tonight's first home game against the Detroit Lions.

Fans learned Greg Hardy would not be playing in Sunday's game as they walked to the stadium.

Hardy is a star player and one of the league's best defensive ends.

Loyal fans were disappointed by the decision.

"We're really going to miss Greg Hardy today," said Berk Olgun. "Greg Hardy he's a big loss."

Other fans believe the Panthers would have sent a wrong message had Hardy been allowed to play.

"I get some NFL updates so I was ready for him to sit back," said Kim.

"You don't ever do anything like that to a woman," said another fan.

In July, Hardy was found guilty by a judge of assaulting his ex girlfriend and communicating threats.

He is appealing the ruling.

"I think that until they figure out what's going because of the Ray Rice incident I believe that he needs to take some time off," said Preston Ross.

Jenna Melton felt the Panthers were forced to take a stand under mounting pressure over the league's lack of discipline.

"Yea I was disappointed but you know the Panthers had to make that call."

While Hardy didn't play Sunday he will still be paid 770 thousand for the game.

Hardy was found guilty in a bench trial, but under criminal procedure in North Carolina, lawyers can appeal that ruling.

That basically gives Hardy a new trial where he is considered innocent until proven guilty.

He is due in court November 17, this time a jury will decide his fate.