Natural beauty treatments you can find in your kitchen

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Kelly Coulter is a Beauty Expert, professional Makeup Artist, and Beauty Contributor.  She visited WBTV News Saturday Morning to share her tips for natural beauty.  Her advice follows:

Natural and beneficial remedies for skin, hair, and nails that will save you money and can be found right in your kitchen


Has enriched health benefits packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Great for all skin types. Helps with itching, relieves insect bites, stings, rashes, eczema, and mild sunburn.

Grind up oatmeal with food processor, etc. Add a few cups under drawn warm bath water. Soak15-25 minutes.

Baking Soda

Is a great exfoliant. Removes top layer of dead skin cells. Add 1tsp. to facial cleanser, use 2-3 times a week.

Helps with acne, has antiseptic properties. Use 1 tsp. mix w/ water. Apply to blemish, leave on 1 minute, rinse.

Spot treat: apply on bug bite, sting, or mild burn. Helps draws out toxins while it dries. Rinse.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Has many medicinal properties. Anti-bacterial, Anti-inflammatory properties.

-Reduces inflammation and itching associated with razor burn. Acetic acid helps prevent infection. Apply to face, neck, legs. Air dry, rinse. Apply 2-3 a day.

If sensitive skin dilute vinegar.

-Natural Astringent, dries up excess oil.

-Dandruff treatment. Mix 1/2-c water, 1/2-c ACV, pour on hair and scrub. Rinse only with water. Repeat once or every 2 weeks.

Olive Oil

Provides an extra dose of antioxidants, and good fatty acids.

Apply to dry skin, cuticles, and hair treatment. Great moisturizer and soothes itchy skin.

Preshampoo treatment: apply warm olive oil to ends of hair and scalp. Let penetrate for 10-20 min, shampoo out.

Lip scrub treatment: chapped lips- mix with sugar use as a "chapped lip fix".

Potato Slices and black tea bags

Potato slices

Use on Puffy, baggy eyes. Starch acts as an anti- inflammatory. Lie down, place slices on eyes.10-15 minutes.

Tea bags

Helps temporarily diminish appearance of dark circles. Seep, black tea bags, chill and apply to closed eyes. 10-15 minutes


Powerful, natural antibiotic, contains antioxidants and nourishing benefits. Helps speed up healing process, helps prevent infections.