Battling FOMO while away from the office

Controlling the 'Fear of Missing Out'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Have you heard of FOMO?

It is the trendy term for the Fear of Missing Out.  So many of us feel it when we're distanced from our smart phones or tablets for too long.

Even though we might want to unplug on a weekend or during a vacation, FOMO can keep us from really doing so.

It is getting harder and harder to fully recharge.  WBTV's cyber expert, Theresa Payton, has some advice to help you manage your time away from the office.  That advice follows:

1.  Use Parental Controls to limit how much time you check into the office.  Many laptops and devices will let you set a timer.

2.  Try time tracking apps before you go on vacation.    They may help you see where you spend your time so you can set a goal for unplugging while away.

Many of these apps will lock the device when your time is up and you will need to enter a code to get back in.

Some apps that might work for you (some may have a fee for the app)


Parental TimeLock


Screen Time

Break Time


3.  Disable Notifications - Notifications on your mobile devices will pull you back into the news and/or work.  Simply disable the day or two before you leave.

4.  Go off the grid - Believe it or not there are still some "internet free" zones.  Often there are spots missing coverage in the Carolina mountains, the Outer Banks, cruises and overseas.  Plan some out-of-internet-wifi-cell-range parts to your trip.

5.  Create a vacation check in time and email address:  Tell your co workers that 1x a day, you will check this account for anything pressing.  Now you can bypass all the "FYI emails" and see if there is anything that must have your attention.

6.  Work email address:  Set up an out of office that sets the expectation that you are NOT checking email while on vacation.  Tell coworkers and clients in advance.  Also provide the email and phone number of who they should contact while you are away.

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