Watch your back!

Good morning to you!! It's Wednesday, September 10. This is Christine Nelson in the WBTV Newsroom. I wanted to let you know we're live on the air right now until 9 a.m. Tune us in on WBTV and Bounce TV. We have some high-interest stories to tell you about this morning.

Ladies, do you jog around your neighborhood?? Be careful!! We're following reports in the Plaza-Midwood area of Charlotte that women are being stalked during their runs. One woman is telling us about what happened to her. WBTV's Mark Davenport has the details live.

DEVELOPING NOW: This is a heartbreaking story that a lot of you are asking about. Overnight a South Carolina man is in custody right now after his five children were discovered dead on the side of a road. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this too. The children's ages range from one- to eight years old.

There's a controversial idea circulating that will affect some Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools students. Moving students from one of the best schools in the state to another school that serves more disadvantaged students. WBTV's Ashton Pellom is looking into it and will have more on why this is becoming a topic of discussion for CMS.

Only on WBTV: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell answering direct questions about how the league handled the Ray Rice domestic violence case, now that the video of the assault that cost Rice his job with the Ravens is made public. He's answering questions including whether the NFL dropped the ball?

See you on air!