Why does your Scion needs an oil change in Charlotte?

Why does your Scion needs an oil change in Charlotte?
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cheap oil change
auto service in Charlotte
auto service in Charlotte
We know that getting behind the wheel of a Scion car is a thrilling experience. There's nothing like the smooth handling these vehicles give! Taking care of your Scion by performing routine car maintenance in Charlotte is the one of the major ways you can make sure that your Scion stays in tip-top shape!

One auto service you should never ignore is an
oil change in Charlotte. Engine oil is a very important part of your car's makeup and putting off an oil change can lead you to a lot trouble! For that very reason, we offer oil change coupons to help you save money! There's no reason to put this car maintenance off!

What's the importance of Charlotte oil changes?

Simply put, this auto service is important because it cleans the fluid your engine needs to run properly. When you think about it, the engine is your car's heart and the oil is the blood—if there is insufficient oil running through the engine, your engine can be permanently damaged.  

How do you know that your engine is due for an oil change? We suggest you consult your owner's manual, since it will let you know what type of engine oil your car needs and how often you'll need to switch out the engine oil. If you bring Scion to our auto service center, they'll also be able to tell you how often your ride needs an oil change!

Signs your car needs a Charlotte oil change

There are some signs, however, that let you know when you need to have this auto service in Charlotte done. Our Toyota service techs are sharing them below:

  • If your engine sounds louder than it usually does, it might mean that it's time to get this car maintenance done! If there isn't sufficient oil to lubricate the engine, this auto part will start to rattle and make strange noises. Don't put off this auto service if you hear strange noises!
  • If you take a look at the oil and it looks grainy and dark, it's time this car maintenance gets done. Typically, your engine oil is a honey color when you first put it in your engine. If the oil is now extremely dark and has particles suspended in the liquid, it's time for an oil switch up.
  • If your vehicle's check engine light remains on, it might actually mean that you need to have this simple auto service done. Older vehicles might indicate that engine oils are low with this light. We suggest you use a dipstick to see if the engine oil levels are low. 

As you can see, this car maintenance in Charlotte is something that should never be ignored because doing so can lead to permanent problems and costly auto repairs in Charlotte. When your engine lacks oil, it can cause some of the engine parts to be warped with friction. 

Swing by our Toyota service center today to get this car maintenance done today! We're located at 13429 Statesville Road and can be reached at
877-218-1637 if you wish to make an appointment!

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