Keeping your tailgate parties pest-free

Pest-Free Tailgate

Football season is here!

That means weekends filled with family and friends at tailgate parties that include tents, cookouts and fans decked out to support their favorite team.

All that tasty food combined with the lingering warm weather attracts pests – like wasps, mosquitoes, flies and ants -- looking to crash the tailgate.

Jim Kazarian of Arrow Exterminators stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to offer a few tips.

Point: Sugary drinks/sweets attract stinging insects.

Tip: serve in covered pitchers and air-tight containers. Stinging insects send over half a million to the emergency room each year.

Point: Mosquitoes are still active as the warm weather lingers.

Tip: Apply insect repellant containing DEET before heading outdoors

Point: Flies feed mostly on liquids and will travel up to 20 miles to get food.

Tip: Keep food covered and pack well sealed garbage cans that you dispose of regularly throughout the day

Point: Fire ants, odorous house ants and argentine ants are very common

Tip: Reiterate airtight containers and cover food immediately