Teach your teen to drive in a new Toyota Corolla!

Teach your teen to drive in a new Toyota Corolla!
2015 Toyota Corolla for sale
2015 Toyota Corolla for sale
N Charlotte Toyota dealership
N Charlotte Toyota dealership
It's finally that moment—the moment in which you need to teach your teen how to drive. While it can be quite nerve-wracking to teach your teen the rules of the road, it can be easy when you have the N Charlotte Toyota Corolla on your side! This new Toyota is known for being highly reliable and durable, which means that the vehicle will survive this trying time!

Here at Toyota of N Charlotte, we pride ourselves in carrying the very best vehicles. We also offer
safe driving tips, so your commute can be as efficient and as safe as possible. This time around we're sharing tips on how to teach your teen to drive safely in a new Toyota Corolla near Charlotte!

The Toyota Corolla is great for teaching your teen to drive

How can you get a peace of mind when you teach your teen how to drive in their 2015 Toyota Corolla? For starters, you should make sure that the new Toyota is up to date with car maintenance and any repairs it may need.

Once you're sure that the vehicle is up to date with auto service, you can start teaching your teen how to drive safely. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your teen gets rid of all sorts of distractions. That means they should put away their electronics and their smartphones so they can concentrate on the road. If they MUST stay connected at all times, tell them to activate the Bluetooth wireless connectivity found in this new Toyota in N Charlotte!
  • Enforce a rule in which passengers are limited when your teen is driving. While this N Charlotte Toyota has enough room to seat five passengers, it would be best if your teen drove alone in the beginning. Friends in the backseat can distract your teen from driving safely, so enforce a strict rule and tell your teen to drive solo.
  • Remind your teen to follow ALL the rules of the road! Remind them that tickets are expensive and can add points to their license. Make sure you stress how important it is for your teen to use their Toyota Corolla's signals. Safe driving can diminish the chances of getting into a collision!


Why is the Toyota Corolla perfect for first time drivers?

The Toyota Corolla near Charlotte is the perfect ride for teen drivers. Not only can it help teens drive safely, it happens to be fuel efficient and affordable. This new Toyota also happens to be incredibly sleek! Its muscular exterior is youthful, perfect for a first time driver.

As far as fuel efficiency goes, this
N Charlotte Toyota offer 27 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway. Your teen will definitely save big at the pump!

Your teen can take this ride home for an affordable price – this Toyota kicks off at $16,900!

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