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CMS sees a rise and a dip in test scores

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Charlotte – Mecklenburg school district (CMS) leaders say they are pleased with recent test scores but admit there is still work to do. The district's proficiency rate grew on all End of Grade and End of Course standardized tests.

The district reports gains from nine to 18 points. CMS also says about 83% of its CMS Schools are either meeting or exceeding growth.

Rama Road Elementary school experienced huge growth this year. In 5th grade Science the school saw a nearly 30 point jump. Last year about 34% of students were on grade level in Science. This year the school is now at 63.4%. Administrators credit part of that success to single gender classrooms. There is a classroom for boys and one just for girls. Teachers say it makes a difference.

"Just building that culture where we are a team," 5th Grade Teacher Taji Brown said. "That's what I do more of ‘cause it's all boys, so we are a team. So there is a lot more encouraging and uplifting and try to eliminate those negative behaviors and teach them to be - what I call a gentleman."

While some schools are experiencing growth some students are having problems in Reading. Scores show a dip. The concern is 5th graders saw a 1.3 point jump while 6th graders saw nearly a 3 point decline.

"If you are making progress in 5th grade," CMS School Board Chairperson Mary McCray said. "What is happening once they get to sixth grade, because you expect children to carry over into middle school what they are learning and have learned in elementary. Just want to see where the drop off is and what's causing the drop off."

McCray says Superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison will be responsible for turning those reading scores around. However she is pleased with the results so far and believes when all of Morrison's initiatives are in place, the scores will turnaround.

This year the state also used the scores to determine if CMS is preparing students properly for college, a career or the military once they graduate from CMS.

"If the goal is to have every student walk across that stage and get that diploma," Morrison said. "That we are celebrating and they go right to college and not need remediation, to be able to seek a highly skilled career - the bar is even higher."

CMS outpaced the state when it came to those college and career readiness.

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