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Richmond reacts to McDonnells' guilty verdicts


As soon as NBC 12 learned the jury had reached a verdict in the McDonnell case, crews hit the streets to learn what people were saying. It happened at a time many were preparing to leave work. By that time, the news came that the former Governor and First Lady were found guilty on multiple corruption charges. Many people downtown were split over the verdict and what the sentences should be.

"I don't really think he should get as harsh of sentence as she because I think a lot was going on behind the scenes that he don't know about," said Godfrey Higgins.

"If that was somebody else not in the limelight, he will be serving a lot of time. I think he should serve a lot of time too. Reporter: You're saying no one is above the law. Jackson: Nope," said Roy Jackson.

Many admitted their eyes were glued to the screen throughout this trial.

"Honestly, he's just guilty. I'm not going to lose any sleep. It's nice that they found justice in somebody who had authority or government rank," Robert Thomas.

Many others said the outcome came as no surprise.

"Given the evidence, don't think so. Reporter: Is that what you were expecting? Crowder: Yes….I feel like he's an elected public official. We hold our elected officials to a certain set of standards and we expect them to abide by those standards," said Kate Crowder.

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