Triple Murder Arrest; More Thunderstorms Possible

Good morning to you on this Thursday, 4 September 2014, from the WBTV News morning team ... John Carter reporting to you this morning.

Christine Nelson and I were talking just a few minutes ago about the heavy rain and thunder that came through the area last night...and it was still raining (however lightly) as we both drove into work this morning.  No significant rain expected as you start your morning...but there's a chance for thunderstorms again later this afternoon.  You'll get the most complete forecast from Al Conklin, Charlotte's most experienced morning meteorologist, when you join us this morning from 4:30 to 9 AM.  Be sure your television is turned on!

A lot of news to tell you about this morning.

Our Mark Davenport is LIVE with new information.  A man charged in connection with a triple murder in Burke County is scheduled to make his first court appearance today.  You can get even more details from Mark by following him on Twitter:  @thedavenreport

Democratic Senator Kay Hagan and republican challenger Thom Tillis clashed in the first of three debates.  Hagan is accusing Tillis of taking the state backward by supporting tax cuts over help for students and women. Tillis says Hagan would be a rubber stamp for President Barack Obama, an approach he says doesn't work in the state.

Jake Robertson, the 17-year-old Catawba County teen killed in a wreck in Hickory over the weekend will be laid to rest today.

Ashton Pellom will be LIVE...with an important Crime Alert you need to hear about to keep yourself safe.  A Charlotte couple says two people came to their house posing as city workers... but instead of checking their water pressure... they helped themselves to some of the couple's valuables.

An announcement is expected today by the Justice Department that it plans to open an investigation into the practices of the police department in Ferguson, Missouri.  A person familiar with the decision says the government will look at practices in the past few years, including patterns of stops, arrests and use-of-force and officer training.

President Obama is in Wales this morning.  We'll have more on his trip as the NATO summit gets underway today.

Plus...Kristen Miranda will be in the ALERT CENTER...constantly monitoring the internet and other news sources, and will bring you the very latest on any important news happening around the world.  No other station can bring you news any faster.

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