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Crooks posing as city workers scam elderly couple, steal money and jewelry


An elderly woman in Charlotte, scammed by two people pretending to be city workers, has a warning for everyone.

"I want people to know when people come to your door and they knock and they want to come in - get credentials" Mary Langford told WBTV.

Langford said she was still recovering from oral surgery Tuesday afternoon when a man and a woman knocked on their South Charlotte door.

Her 92 year old husband answered the door. The two people, claiming to be from the city's water department, walked in.

"I thought I was in a good neighborhood but apparently these people were con artists" Langford said. "She talked a mile a minute, keeping our attention - saying oh please - they had to check the water faucets. Please check the water faucets and make them go real high and real low."

Langford said as the woman talked about the faucets, the man said "he needed to check our bathrooms and make sure the water pressure was there."

The Langfords didn't have any issues with water pressure.

The two people scammed their way inside to apparently grab whatever items they could.

According to the police report, the elderly couple lost cash and several pieces of expensive jewelry.

"I'm angry. They took stuff that can never be replaced. I'm very sentimental and a lot of stuff was given as gifts" Mary Langford said. "A ring that I had was an estate piece but can never be replaced. So I'm very angry and I hope they catch them."

Neighbors in the Barclay Downs neighborhood are wondering if the crooks spent time watching the area.

"One, it's frustrating and it is distressing to know that anybody is gonna come up and try to scam anybody - especially an elderly couple" said Mark Leggett. "It's a bit unsettling - it really is - because it's a good neighborhood."

Mary Langford said she wants to make sure other people are aware of what happened.

"So literally we were robbed right under our nose."

Police are looking for a white male about 35 year old, with short brown hair. He was wearing a burgundy shirt and blue jeans. The woman is white - possibly Hispanic with long brown hair. She was wearing a blue shirt with blue jeans. Officers say they were driving a medium size black SUV.

Police are reminding people not to let anyone in the house until you demand to see credentials and a photo identification. They say a city employee will always have a city I-D."

Officers say "verify the credentials. Look to make sure they're legitimate, and verify the work order with the city or organization where the people claim to work."

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