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CIAA Signs 6-year contract to stay in Charlotte


The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) will be staying in Charlotte for at least another six years, officials announced on Wednesday. The athletic association signed an agreement to move the headquarters to the Queen City.

This means that CIAA fans will save some money when attending the popular basketball tournament. Many have complained about over-priced hotels and high priced games tickets, but officials say that's about to change.

The new contract includes an increase in scholarship money for college students and $100,000 from the city to move the CIAA headquarters to Charlotte.

The contract also tackles hotel rates some fans argue are too high. To book a room, fans have to go through the CIAA organization instead of going through individual hotels. The commissioner is still working out the details, but she says hotel prices should stay between $100 and $250.

"We have agreements that are the same across the board. We try to keep the rates as comparable as possible with very few red lines,"

Jacqie McWilliams, CIAA Commissioner said. "It's a significant amount of risks we are taking because we have to sell rooms so September 8, come Monday, is a big day for us."

Monday is when tickets and hotels go on sale.

CIAA has a 3,000-room block it must occupy. Fans will also see game tickets at a reduced price this year.

McWilliams said the organization will do what it can to attract more people to the event.

CIAA plans to start moving their headquarters to Charlotte next summer.

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