iPhone security settings that could protect you from advertisers

Protecting privacy on the phone

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Ever wish you could use your iPhone without worrying about your privacy?

Many of us don't realize that we may hold the power of privacy in our hands.

Apple has heard its customers loud and clear and you want privacy for you yourself and your loved ones.

WBTV's cyber expert has some steps for us that take 5 minutes or less to complete and she says they will make a huge difference in your privacy.  If you don't like your data going to marketers every time you use your phone, Apple has a setting for that too.   Theresa's advice follows:


1.  Turn off "simple pass code" to use a more complex passcode to keep that phone safe.

2.  Under Privacy you have a lot of options:

a.  Reset the Limit the ad tracking from your phone - look under settings for the privacy indicators

b.  Cloak your identity - reset your advertising identifier

c.  Stop the ongoing tracking - review the system services and go to frequent locations

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