Rowan commissioners approve concealed carry on county property

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Rowan County commissioners unanimously approved a motion to allow concealed carry permit holders to carry their weapons on county property.

The motion was passed on Tuesday during the commissioners meeting.

There are some exceptions in that weapons would still not be allowed on educational property, and tenants of county property may decide whether or not weapons are allowed on the property they are renting.

Those properties would include the West End Plaza and tenants at the Rowan County Airport.

While the ordinance goes into effect immediately, commissioners admitted that there will be a learning process as it goes forward.

"We're not going to has out a final solution this evening," said Commissioner Chad Mitchell.   "There's always going to be an issue that arises."

Commissioners spent several minutes discussion how notification would be made and how the ordinance would be enforced.

"If you look at the situation the way that it is now, there is no allowance for concealed carry," said Commissioner Jim Sides.  "We don't know who is carrying in the parks, concealed, against the law right now."

"We're talking about law abiding citizens who have gone through the process of being vetted before they ever obtained a concealed carry permit," Sides added.  "I think we're trying to make them out to be the criminals and they're the good guys."

Sides said that the believed that notification signs would be up on county property within the next thirty days.