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Charlotte's Fuel Pizza expanding in New York


Among the revered treasures in Harlem, New York, is the legendary Apollo Theater, and through the years this urban community has proven to be a well-grounded pillar of African American culture and creativity.

However, new found culinary creativity emerging from a string of Queen City eateries is staking a very visible claim at the corner of 123rd and Frederick Douglas Avenue.

Jeremy Wladis and his partners gave birth to this dream more than 15 years ago at an old Central Avenue gas station, and today several locales across Charlotte carry the name of Fuel.

"It all started. The concept rolled out in Charlotte, North Carolina," he said. "So we come up with this concept to do custom fuel. Individual pies cooked in two minutes."

Like finely crafted Carolina textile goods, Custom Fuel rolls off a sizzling assembly line, and one of the popular items here in the big apple is something not found on our local menu.

They call it Brooklyn Bridge pizza, and the slices come loaded with four meats.

Pizza isn't all that was imported from down south, Tom Knudesman used to run this Fuel Pizza across from the Charlotte Convention Center.

He said, "I love it. The guests keep coming in tell me, when are gonna build more, when are we gonna get more restaurants. Pizza connoisseurs in the Big Apple are among the most vocal critics.

And so far, this concept of a pie being served up in 120 seconds appears to be passing its share of taste and time tests.

One customer told WBTV, "You know its New York. It's pretty fast, Two minutes in New York, and it's great.

At the end of the day, Jeremy says it's not about price, but rather pride.

"We found something we could do in New York City."

640 miles away from its home base in Charlotte, it appears that fuel from the Carolinas is catching fire in what's known as a pizza destination location.

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