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Meck Co Commissioners to issue decision about no wake zone on Mtn Island Lake


With the Mountain Island Lake Marine Commission now disbanded, it's up to Mecklenburg County Commissioners to decide whether residents' applications for no wake zones should go before state officials.

People living along Inlet Pointe Cove in Mountain Island Lake were hoping to convince county workers and commissioners the area needs a buoy to designate it a no wake zone.

"Because of high boat traffic in our cove and the cove is really very narrow and we have children that swim and kayak in the cove" said Peter Woodham, who has lived near the cove for three years. "And we were worried about a boat running over a child accidentally from visitors coming to the lake."

In 2011, the Lake Marine Commission designated the area a no wake zone.

Woodham said "the residents all chipped in and paid for the buoy because we saw the potential for danger and it wasn't much - it was a couple of hundred dollars."

When the Lake Marine Commission disbanded in June, the N.C. State Wildlife Resources removed buoys that the commission approved.

Woodham said most boaters and people on personal water crafts now enter the cove at high speeds.

There's a new process for residents to request no wake zones.

To get a buoy on the lake Mecklenburg County Commissioners will hold a public hearing, and if they agree a no zone wake zone is needed, commissioners will send their recommendation to the state. The state will make the final determination.

County workers went out to Inlet Pointe Cove to assess the area, and issue a finding.

The application is on agenda for Tuesday's Board of County Commissioners meeting.

According to agenda presentations, workers will recommend that commissioners deny the no wake zone application.

They wrote "the area includes a private residential marina and not a public marina" and "that there is not a demonstrated water safety hazard."

Woodham believes "one of the reasons probably is they might have come down on a quiet afternoon but not during a busy holiday weekend when most of the problems would occur."

People along the cove say they no longer plan to attend Tuesday's public hearing.

"We just don't want to jump through all those hoops especially after staff recommended against it. So we're kinda fighting City Hall." Woodham said. "So we're just going to keep our fingers cross and pray nobody gets run over in our cove."

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